How It Works

OnRamp has consolidated and curated a high-quality database of over 100,0000 contacts within the commercial broadcasting industry.

We’ll work with you to create a custom outreach campaign based on your agency’s specific goals. We then reach out via targeted email to 200+ new contacts per week. The result? Qualified warm leads sent directly to you, week after week!

Who is in your database?

OnRamp curates lists of multiple market verticals, including: Brands, Advertising Agencies, and Broadcast Networks.

How are the contacts targeted in my campaign?

Your campaign includes one vertical (Brands, Advertising Agencies, or Broadcast Networks). Within the Brands vertical, your campaign can target by industry. The other verticals have no additional segmentation. We do not offer targeting of specific companies or people.

Whad kind of results can I expect?

Our clients typically receive between 2-3 new warm leads per week.

Do you close deals for us?

No. We generate a list of qualified warm prospects which we then pass on to your in-house team.

What email address is the cold outreach sent from?

Our research shows that the most effective cold outreach campaigns use dedicated email addresses at YOUR company. You’ll create a sales inbox for us to monitor and forward any warm leads to your main address.

Can I customize my email scripts?

Yes! You will be able to write your own scripts, although we can coach you on best practices and provide samples and inspiration to get you started.

Is it possible to A/B test different scripts and subject lines?

Yes. We can test multiple options to determine your best message. We follow industry best practices for A/B testing, and provide reports monthly. Ask us for more information.

Does OnRamp require a minimum commitment?

Our service is month to month and can be cancelled or paused with 30 day's notice. When evaluating our program, we recommend at least a three month trial period for maximum effectiveness.

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Disclaimers: Marketing is not an exact science, and results are not guaranteed. OnRamp follows industry practices and standard operating procedures to ensure quality service.