Our goal is to be less expensive than hiring someone in-house. 

We offer a standard outreach package that starts at $1,000/month.

What to Expect...

With outreach happening in the background, you can expect multiple warm leads every week!

Here are some responses that OnRamp clients have received:

StarzVP, Creative Services
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Sorry for the delay, always digging out of emails. We do sometimes need post production resources in NY so good to have your name handy...
I am in NYC next week but not sure how much free time or else I'd say would love to swing by and visit your facility. If nothing else, we have your info handy. Hopefully we can find some time to connect verbally soon. Thanks for reaching out!
Refinery29Production Designer/Producer
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"Thank you for reaching out. I would love more information and to hear how we could work together in the future. We can definitely hop on a call if you have time. Please let me know your availability."
EdelmanSr. Producer - Creative Production
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"Thanks so much for reaching out, I hope all is well. I took a look at your stuff and really like what I see... I tend to have a need for 2D character animations like your work…if you can send me some more stuff like that, I can show my CD."
DishDISH Creative
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"We don’t have any immediate needs, but that can always change. I’d be open to setting up a call with a couple of us and our AD that handles motion projects."

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